Nature and Wildlife Images

I'm an old retired guy who enjoys life .  That's me

 Other than making the images my next love is showing the  youngster or new photographer  what I know about Nature and Wildlife Photography.  Photography is very relaxing , informative and in some cases profitable.  Being on the marsh at sunrise on a cold winter morning or in the mountains to witness a sunset in fall is often an unforgettable experience. It can't be explained , it has to be witnessed. Watching an immature Eagle try out its wings for the first time or seeing young Ospryleave the parents  nest for the last  is a sight not seen by many and that's to bad because it is nature at its finest.  I once witnessed the Snow Geese migration arrival at Bombay Hook NWR and saw over 10,000 birds land on a small pond over the course of 8 hours. The sky was filled with these graceful creatures and the noise was unbelievable. There are many more sights of nature I've witnessed in the past 30 years of Nature and Wildlife photography and God willing I'll witness many more.  

 The purpose of this web site is to share some of these instances with all who care to see them and perhaps interest someone to try this enjoyabe pastime themselves.  I always enjoy sharing my meager knowledge with a newcomer.