Nature and Wildlife Images

 30 Years of Nature and Wildlife Photography   by           Patrick  Lynch

     What started out as taking a few snapshots while on vacation at Cape Cod has grown into  a near obsession to photograph as much of the wonders of nature as possible before it is gone forever.  The encroachment of land developers on every piece of  earth not containing a building is slowly but surely wiping out the wooods , meadows and marshes.  My fear is that my Grandchildren and their children will not know the joy of wandering along the wetlands of the Chesapeake or hiking through the hills and mountains of the Adirondacks. Many say my fear is unfounded, but events I have witnessed in my lifetime lead me to believe I am right . My timetable may be inaccurate but the end results will be as I have predicted.

    To be sure there is a record of what was once a wild and beautiful place I  set about recording what I saw, first on film and now  , thanks to the marvels of electronics and computers, on CD's.  Wildlife not behind cages and bars but free to roam the limited spaces allotted to them in places like Chincoteague and Blackwater NWR and the hills of Western Maryland are photographed when ever found.  The great prehistoric "Gators " in the ever shrinking Everglades and the majestic Moose in Nova Scotia may be gone when my great -grandchildren are grown so I traveled to those places and photographed them . The Great Blue Heron and Snowey Egret are loosing more and more marsh each year and it would be a shame if the children didn't get to see them in flight.

    Besides photographing pure nature and wildlife, on occasion I find man and nature in  harmony. A good example of this is the covered bridges of Vermont and Bedford County Pennsylvania or some of the beautiful churches found in the rural area of the country. These too deserve to be preserved since to often they fall to ruin because of financial problems or "progress."

     For all these reasons I spend hours, days and weeks photographing natural beauty and occasionally man made beauty with the intent of sharing these places and events with all who wish to see them  and at the same time preserving these scenes for my grandchildren and children yet to come.    To all who vist this site ...ENJOY




                              " JUST BEFORE DAWN"       On a spring morning in West Virginia  in the seconds before the sun peaked over the hill the silhouette of the trees against the sky was breathtaking. The effect only lasted a few moments. When the sun came into view the scene was bland compared to this instant. The morning was cool and crisp and the air was clean and fresh which was a treat in itself compared to the morning air in and around Baltimore.  



     " THE GREAT HORNED OWL "    Photographed at  Gunpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County Maryland in 1989.  Nikon F-2 camera with a 300mm  f1.4 manual focus Nikor lens using Kodak ASA 100 film.



       "OSPREY WITH HIS DINNER"     From the "Osprey Project " , a series of 12  photographs showing an Osprey family in and around the Blackwater NWR from their return from the southern migration , to breeding, nest repairs, raising and feeding three healthy chicks and finally the chicks leaving the nest for the last time.  This series is on display at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center in Grasonville MD.  



                "QUIET MORN"               Assawomen Bay State Park, Delaware    

While visiting this park for the first time early one summer morning I came upon this serene spot.  WIth only a few moments before the morning mist lifted I set up my tripod and Nikon 8008 with a 50 mm Nikon lens and captured the moment.  I considered cropping the post out of the photo but second thoughts prevailed and I left them in . I believe they add a touch of privacy to the place..



 I met this young fellow on the marsh near Delaware Bay. He was as interested in me as I was in him but he lost interest first and went back to hunting field mice. He showed no fear as long as I didn't threaten him and watched with curiosity as I changed lenses and photographed him watching me watch him.

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Pat Lynch